Broker Builder Solutions is pleased to announce this week’s enhancements and fixes to our Data Validation Platform. Each enhancement/fix is separated by Applicable Users (subscribers who are directly affected by the enhancement or the fix) for easier viewing.
New + Improved

 Applicable users: All Users

Additional Date Format

We have added an additional date format of M/d/yyyy to the date format mapping.  If a date field is not formatted as a “Date” in the file, the date format mapping functionality allows the user to select the corresponding format in the dropdown.  Based on the format selected, the system will attempt to convert the data to a date during the comparison.


Applicable users: All Users

Download Import Files

We have corrected an issue that was preventing the user from downloading the baseline and secondary files during later steps of the compare.  The import files can now be downloaded again.

Dates used as Part of the Unique Identifier

We have added additional formatting to dates that are used as part of the unique identifier.  Previously once the unique identifier was set, no additional date formatting was applied.  This resulted in inaccurate discrepancies and missing data.

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