Broker Builder Solutions is pleased to announce this week’s enhancements and fixes to our Data Validation Platform. Each enhancement/fix is separated by Applicable Users (subscribers who are directly affected by the enhancement or the fix) for easier viewing.
New + Improved

Applicable users: Organization Admin

Merge Ability

We have added the ability to merge two files based on a unique identifier into one export file.  The Platform now offers two options for the comparison: Compare Only or Compare and Merge. The Compare Only option remains unchanged where two files are compared based on selected data points and mapping.  The Compare and Merge option allows the user to compare corresponding data points such as First Name to FName as well as include unmatched data points in each file.  For example, the baseline file contains 5 data points, and the secondary file contains 5 data points.  With SSN as the selected unique identifier, we have the option to compare both the Last Name and the First Name since they are corresponding data points between the two files and then merge the remaining into an output file.

The output files available for both the baseline and secondary remain the same with All Records including Verified and Verified Records Only.  The option to Compare Only or Compare and Merge is selected during Step 1 Create of the compare creation process from the Comparison Type dropdown.

A merged only data point is selected during Step 3 Select Data by choosing [merge] from the dropdown menu instead of the corresponding data point.

Customized mapping for Merge Data Points

In addition to a new merge feature we have also included the ability to map custom values on the merged data points.  The standard mapping ability for the compare remains the same but now data mapping will be applied to [merge] data points in the final exported files.  When mapping for merged data, the Source value will contain the original value from the file while the Target value will be what the data will be changed to in the export files.

Additional New Comparison Start Point

We have added an additional access point to create a new comparison.  The additional new comparison create button is located on the Comparison’s table on the Company level.

Applicable users: All Users

Custom Column Reordering and Renaming for Export Reports

We have added the ability to rename and reorder the column names when exporting data.  This applies to both export options: All Records including Verified and Verified Records Only.   The reordering and renaming feature can be saved and accessed by users with the applicable permissions.  The Comparisons table with update automatically with the user and date if a reordered and/or renamed column is saved.

Custom Reformatting for Export Reports

We have added the ability to reformat social security numbers with dashes or without.  The system looks at specific key words in order to identify if the field is eligible for reformatting.  If the name is changed to a key word, the reformat option becomes available.

Include All option for Verify Missing Data

We have added an Include ALL button to select all entries on the Verify Missing Data step. This allows the user to select all rows instead of clicking one by one.


Applicable users: All Users

Spreadsheet/File name limited to 31 characters

We have corrected an issue where the renamed spreadsheet during the Import step exceeded 31 characters.  The system now will not allow the extra characters and will generate an error message as well as preventing the user from advancing to the next step.

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