Broker Builder Solutions is pleased to announce this week’s enhancements and fixes to our Data Validation Platform. Each enhancement/fix is separated by Applicable Users (subscribers who are directly affected by the enhancement or the fix) for easier viewing.
New + Improved

Applicable users: Organization Admin

Computation Functionality

We have added the ability to perform a computation on a baseline file data point and any secondary file data point.  We offer 6 different computations based on 4 core functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  We also include a directional option to subtraction and division as different values are returned based on which data point is first. 

This new functionality can be found in Step 4 Map Data.  Please note that this functionality will ONLY apply to numeric fields and then only to data points that have NOT been selected as part of the uniqiue identifier.

The computation results can be found in Step 5 view and in the downloadable Discrepancy Report.  Only the subtraction (minus) results will continue through the remainder of the compare process.  All other functions will end at Step 5.



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