Broker Builder Solutions is pleased to announce this week’s enhancements and fixes to our Data Validation Platform. Each enhancement/fix is separated by Applicable Users (subscribers who are directly affected by the enhancement or the fix) for easier viewing.
New + Improved

Applicable users: BBS Admin Users Only

Inactivate Organizations

We have added the ability to inactivate organizations that are no longer in use.  The inactivated organization will be automatically removed from the view but can be found through the filter by changing the default value or column name.  This allows for easier viewing of active organizations.


Applicable users: All Users

Updated logo and name

While this has no impact on system functionality, we have updated our platform logo and name from Data Validation Tool to Data Validation Platform.

Import companies

We have added the ability to import a list of companies into an organization. Using a single column spreadsheet in .xls/.xlsx/.csv format with a specified column header such as “Company Name”, all companies can now be easily added which previously required manually entry.

Ignore Discrepancies

We have added the ability to ignore a discrepancy during the Verify Discrepancy step. If the discrepancy indicated was not a true discrepancy, the entry may now be marked as ignore and will be hidden from view with a new roll up feature. All entries that are ignored will be excluded from the Verified Records Only download that is available on the last step. On the All Records Verified download, all entries ignored will be shown in a newly created column called Ignored in the spreadsheet.

Comparisons Table

An additional comparisons table has been added to the Organization menu that provides a list of all comparisons for that specific organization regardless of company. The provided table offers the same information that can be found at company level but also identifies which company the compare resides in. The table is also exportable and filterable if desired. While not visible in the table, the audit notes and type will be included in the exported file.


Applicable users: All Users

Corrected the error messages for unsupported imported file types

We have corrected an issue where the error message received during an unsupported import file type was not consistent based on the file type. For example, a .pdf file would show an error message but then an image file would reflect a different message. The message is now consistent regardless of unsupported file types.

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