Broker Builder Solutions is pleased to announce this week’s enhancements and fixes to our Data Validation Platform. Each enhancement/fix is separated by Applicable Users (subscribers who are directly affected by the enhancement or the fix) for easier viewing.

New + Improved

Applicable users: All Users

Mapping Library

We have added a mapping library that can be shared across multiple Levels.  This new feature allows the user to create customized reusable mappings that can be utilized in multiple Organizations and Companies without having to create duplicate mappings for each level.  Mappings created at the Admin level have the option to be assigned to any or all Organizations.  This then allows all companies under the designated Organizations to have access to the shared mapping.  Mapping created at the Organization level will automatically be assigned to all companies within that Organization.  Company created mapping will remain restricted to that specific company and cannot be shared with other Organizations and Companies.

Mappings are now editable.  Any unused mapping can be deleted or edited only on the level that it was created and dependent on user access.  Both Organization and Company Verifier access only allows viewing of the shared mapping.  Organization Admin access can edit or delete unused mappings created at the Organization level.  Admin level mappings can only be deleted or edited by BBS Admin access.   If a mapping is in use by any comparison, the mapping cannot be edited or deleted.  It can, however, be inactivated at the level it was created or by BBS Admin. Once a map is inactivated, it will become unavailable for future use but with no impact to current compares.

A newly created mapping or a change to an existing mapping will now capture the user’s name and date of the update for each mapping.  Existing mappings will not include this information until a change is made.


No Fixes this week

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