Broker Builder Solutions is pleased to announce this week’s enhancements and fixes to our Data Validation Platform. Each enhancement/fix is separated by Applicable Users (subscribers who are directly affected by the enhancement or the fix) for easier viewing.

New + Improved

Applicable users: All Users

Clickable Stepper

We have added the ability to jump to any completed step back to and including Step 2. This allows the user to quickly step to any completed point in the compare process without continuously clicking the Back or Next button.

Audit Type of Note

We have added the ability for a user to indicate what type of compare is being performed by offering a range of audit types to choose from. If additional information is required beyond the Type selection, a Notes field is now available for further information.  The Notes feature is not editable by users with verifier only access but can still be viewed.

 Created By

We have captured the name of the user who created the Compare. The feature was added for reference purposes and in preparation for future enhancements.


No Fixes this week

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