At Broker Builder Solutions, the security of our client’s data is of utmost importance as we have and will continue to explore measures to ensure the safety of our client’s data.


Personnel Security

Maintaining the confidentially and integrity of client information stored, processed, or transmitted is a requirement of all personnel. This policy applies to information in any format including electronic and hard copy.


Data Storage

All data is housed in an encrypted DigitalOcean managed database.  Data is encrypted in transit with SSL (secure sockets layer) and at rest with LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup) with automatic updates with security patches.


Electronic Authorization & Application Hosting

Broker Builder Solutions teams with top technology partners to host our Data Validation platform to include Amazon Web Service (AWS), Vercel, and Digital Ocean.


Ongoing Security

Our Data Management Solutions, Data Validation Platform has been and continues to be thoroughly tested through Veracode’s cyber-security experts.  This robust penetration and application security testing allowed Broker Builder Solutions, LLC to put parameters in place to mitigate risk and provide a sound portal for your data auditing and reconciliation needs.